Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Getting mature... or boring

I am still teaching at Greenwich Community College and it is going rather well. I have been taking over classes and without a lot of arguments the students seem to accept me as their teacher. It is really interesting to teach people from different levels and I am learning something new every day. But too be fair, some days I rather lay in bed doing utterly nothing.

My last day within in the college will be 24th April 2012, because I am planning to go to the Netherlands a few days later. Even though it is very sad that I will be leaving, I will have more time available to do my coursework; hang out like a student; and answer all your questions about uni life. Oh and I am not going to Holland forever, but just see my friends and to go to birthdays, parties and to escape uni life for a little while. It is hard for me to remember how my mum’s food tastes; hence I need to go back very quickly.

Oh and I am going to Derby very soon! I am going to be talking to prospective students about the University of Greenwich and student life. It will be an amazing event, because it is always fun meeting other students and universities... don’t forget the goodies you get at the events!!

Talking about goodies, I have send a complaint letter to Sunmagic (a company which produces amazingly tastefully drinks) because I cut myself on one of their bottles. I got a reply straight away and they even sent me a box full of Sunmagic samples, so I thought that this was worth mentioning as well.

Oh and you are probably wondering why I am not writing about student parties anymore. Well, I believe I am getting more mature now I am doing my PGCE... I call it mature, but others might call it BORING!!! To prove them wrong, I have attached my latest party picture J

I nearly forgot to tell you about my kitchen disaster. Apparently I am a superhuman, because I only looked at my extraction fan and this is what happened:

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