Monday, 23 January 2012

I am happy with very little

First of all I would like you to introduce you to my new TV. Even though analogue TV won’t stay around for a long time, I am very happy with my new LD (low definition) TV. It is only a pity that when I move, the picture sometimes disappears. Luckily, I am a very quiet person who sits still the entire day (not), but it is still a great TV to have! Sometimes I just listen to the audio and create my own pictures in my mind, because it only shows snow.

Oh and do you remember the picture of my suitcase with a gigantic present? Unfortunately, the stitches of my suitcase started to tear apart, but Ryanair was so nice to send me a new one... happy meJ. Now, I can travel again to the Netherlands, without being scared that my suitcase might break and with all my embarrassing toiletries lying on the floor.

Anyway, let’s talk about uni again. Did you all submit your application form before the UCAS deadline? I hope you did, but if you didn’t, don’t worry because you can still submit your application for most of our courses! To be fair, I quite understand if you have missed the deadline, because my middle name is ‘procrastinate’; hence I often work day and night to meet all my deadlines.

I started teaching at Greenwich Community College btw and it is going very well. Last time we did a lesson on algebra... blegh!? Yeah I know, I don’t fancy it either, but that is why we tried to make it more interactive with QR codes (do you remember those squary barcodes I uploaded in my previous blog?) The students had to scan the barcode with their smart phone, which showed them an answer, and then connect these with algebraic formulas. However, when the students were done and asked me to check it I realised that my Iphone was dead... no battery. Now, I couldn’t check their answers! Fail!

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