Tuesday, 22 November 2011

‘Sir, I don’t have a pen’

Party people! It’s blog-time again! I am really sorry that I am not answering your calls every week, but that is just because I am so busy with my course at the moment. There is so much to write and I should read a lot of books as well, but to be fair I can’t be bothered. Luckily, I have amazing colleagues who are covering for me at the moment...

I have been teaching at Greenwich Community College the last few weeks and so far it has been a great experience. It is quite embarrassing, but now I realise how it is to have people like me in the classroom. Students are coming from everywhere; and everyone comes with a different package. There are students who want to be in my class to get a certificate, but others just need to be there.

Last Tuesday a student put his hand up and said: ‘Sir, I don’t have a pen’... and as a real teacher I responded with ‘Do you want to buy one?’. Another time, a student came in 45 minutes late... FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES! The classes are only 1.5 hours most of the time, but because I am such a friendly teacher I let him in. However, I couldn’t resist making a comment, so I asked him if he was struggling to find the room. He answered by saying that he was attending college for the last 3 years and that he had been in that particular room for at least the last academic year. I laughed and said ‘well I am happy that you found the room after 1 year’.

Last week I was solving maths problems with a student and after 15 minutes we finally got to the point that he understood how to subtract decimals. Without realising it I called him a ‘genius’, which might sound sarcastic to many people. However, he knew I meant it, because it is impressive when someone has been struggling with subtraction for years; and now he got it within 15 minutes!

Ah, enough about my placement, because I need to do a lot of preparation for tomorrows classes. I am going to show them a YouTube clip about fractions.... boring?! I don’t think so, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grpqwi1cTyA ...

Oh and I have finally done it. I promised my friend in New York that I would send her a present, so I bought a can of coke, wrapped it and sent it straight to New York. I paid 10 pounds for sending it, while the can of coke was only 60 pence, but I think it was worth it! She hasn’t received my present yet, but I just hope that she won’t read my blog J

Oh I forgot to tell you, My Dutch friend Nick is coming over. He spontaneously booked a ticket to London. I hope I have a few spare hours; otherwise I need to find someone else to babysit him. It is going to be fun though.... a lot.... a lot... of fun J

To end with a quote: 'Sir I don’t wanna do this worksheet' "well don’t do it then... do you want to go home instead?" 'Can I really?' "Of course you can.... it’s not me who’s going to fail your exam is it?"

Monday, 14 November 2011

‘if Face Book did...’

It’s nearly Christmas already and I haven’t bought any presents yet... I will probably not buy any presents either; as Christmas is not about giving.... it’s about time with your family friends and about receiving gifts. I have attached a picture of this year’s Santa Clause, in the hope he will visit me and bring along a present, as well as, a tree; because to be fair, I can’t afford either of them.

You might think ‘oh that Dutch guy is rather cheap’, but that is for two good reasons. Firstly, I just started my placement at Greenwich Community College (one of the partner colleges of the University of Greenwich) and have very little time to work. I have been attending some open evenings at e.g. Bexleyheath Academy and Welling School, but besides that not much happened. The placement is wonderful btw. So far, I have just been a teaching assistant, helping out students if they have a question, and I think they think that I'm ‘alright’.

Now, I am getting more mature and serious about my future. I have totally changed my way of living. I have reorganised my room, eat healthy, do a bit of boxing and put my clothes in the wardrobe instead of on the floor. You might think ‘oh why do you do this? Is it because of a girl?’ ... Ehm, yes.

One of my friends is doing a placement in New York and she loves it. She lives in Harlem (near Brooklyn Bridge (see picture)) and once in a while we speak to each other on Skype. Unfortunately there is a subtle time difference of 5 hours, so when we started our conversation on Skype, it was only 8pm in the USA and midnight in London. However, before I knew it, it was 7 ‘o clock in the morning. I have never looked so bad before! I looked like a panda bear with too little sleep. Anyway, we had an amazing chat about our future and we decided that we want to go on a world trip. We don’t know a lot of details yet, but what we do know is that we need a lot of money, so I need to stop blogging now and do some work. Before I know it, it will be summer 2013 which will be the start of the trip. If Face Book would like this, they would say it is.... AWESOME!