Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I’ve been sleeping around

Yes, its half term! Oh wait! ...we don’t do half term at uni L ! Luckily the buses were really empty this morning and it only took me 17 minutes to get to work instead of the normal 35. Nowadays I attend classes every Thursday and Friday from 9 ‘til 4-ish and I am doing my work placement at Greenwich Community College at Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday... or I’m busy working these days. In short, I’m knackered and grateful for every little nap I can take. It is sad that the sun isn’t shining that much anymore, because I used to sleep in the park. Once I went to the park at 4pm to have a little nap, but when I woke up I noticed that the sun was set. Seemingly I slept for 4 hours and missed one of my classes. The weirdest thing is when I tried to explain this, because everyone thought I was making up excuses, but I just didn’t hear my alarm.
The worst thing happened last week.  I was on the bus (286) and closed my eyes for just a little moment, but suddenly I heard somebody shouting ‘oi mate’.  I was like ‘ehmm what? What? What’s going on?’ The bus driver said ‘sorry mate, last stop’... which made me think... the last stop is Queen Marys Hospital, which is miles from (a much earlier stop called) University of Greenwich, so I responded ‘ nah you’re joking right?’ But unfortunately, the answer was no. Seemingly I fell asleep on the bus, missed my stop and was an hour late for classes. Not a good way to impress your lecturers ... but a very nice nap though.
A sad thing is going to happen soon. One of our best team supervisors (Axel) is leaving the Enquiry Unit. Axel was totally into QR codes (you know those squarey thingies you can scan with your phone and it will take you to their website). Well he is going back to his home country, so if you want to know what that looks like, just scan this QR code with your phone and it shows you his amazing country!
286 Bus

QR Code

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

‘Numeracy, I rather die’

I just experienced a peculiar fortnight. Firstly, I want to talk about bills. It is very important to manage your funds in a manner so you can afford to pay all the bills on time. Nowadays, I am very poor, because I work very few hours.... I am even poorer than I was before, even though I have been a student for the last three years. I am not able to work, because of my new course.... it is getting better btw, but more about that later on. Like I said, it is very important to pay the bills on time to avoid fines etc. Unfortunately, British Gas overcharged us by five times, so that was not good at all. This was three months ago, when my former housemate moved out, and because she was in charge of the bills, she will get the refund. Hence, I have sent her a number of emails to ask where the money is, but I only get excuses that the cheques have bounced back etc.... Just to give you an example of what is going on, I have attached my last email:

Besides this very mature exchange of emails, I have attended a very important interview at Greenwich Community College. As you might know, I was looking for a placement to learn how to teach numeracy.  The interviewer asked me why I wanted to teach numeracy... but saying that ‘I knew I wanted to teach numeracy from the day I was born’ is a bit dull. So I decided to tell them that I hated numeracy. I told them that numeracy was the worst subject I ever had at secondary school (English was very close though). I was aiming for the shock factor which, by the look of their faces, did occur. Luckily, I added straight away that because of a new teacher, I started to understand maths and realised that maths was easy... even for me.
After that we talked about Greenwich Community College and how I would deal with students who might want to disturb the lesson, so I told them that I used to be a little rascal myself. Anyway to make a long story short, I got my place at Greenwich Community College and I will be teaching very soon...