Monday, 25 July 2011

‘Rollercoastering through life’

I have been studying at the University of Greenwich for three years now and just graduated last week. I can call myself an Events Manager, but to be fair... that is not the most important bit of my student life. The most important thing was meeting all my friends, and them introducing me to their cultures.... Instead of being happy, I was kinda sad, because I don’t want to leave this amazing place and stop meeting great people! That is why, (plus the fact that I believe I can) I am going to do a PGCE at the University of Greenwich. This is a teaching course which will allow me to teach 16+ students! In other words, next September I might be a guest teacher at a school or a college!!
The Graduation ceremony was very cool! I was wearing a graduation gown and taking pictures with my amazing friends and other random people. My parents came over as well, and they met loads of my 288 FaceBook friends. It was great to have a drink and to introduce my friends to my parents. My parents met a lot of people and it made them happy when they saw how multicultural our university really is. And I like it very much too! I like a mixture of cultures, because I believe that contributes to a better society... that is why I always say ‘laundry should be the only thing separated by colour’.
Talking about multicultural societies, I was very sad this weekend when I watched the news and saw the streets of Oslo being destroyed by a bomb. I was at the exact same place last year and it was an amazing city. The people are so nice and friendly and I couldn’t believe that something like that happened in such a great city. The island, as well, was a victim of insanity and my sympathy goes to all the people from Norway.
Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, because of all these happenings, and one of the greatest Dutch comedians passing away. And don’t forget Amy Winehouse, who is now part of Club 27 (artists who have died at the age of 27, including Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain)...
Besides these tragedies, there was fun as well. I had fun with my parents and we even went to the M&Ms world (which I was talking about, a few blogs ago). I did stand up comedy at Up The Creek... (I tried out some new stuff and if I would grade it, I would give it 6 out of 10 marks... so not bad, neither good, but it needs some rewriting).... Clearing is moving to Greenwich, which is more convenient for me. This is because the shops, banks & pubs are closer to the campus J ... and... The three great Ambassadors Blaze, Tiffany & Edgar are planning to visit me in Holland.... EVEN BETTER.... I am planning to visit Tiffany in Jamaica... the land of chilling and relaxing!
So it’s been two weeks of being happy, sad, happy, sad, sad, sad, happy, happy & happy... but I suppose that is all part of growing up. Whatever happens I will be on the phones answering your calls and to give you a better impression of the happy things of last week, I have added some pictures... (I took the last pic in Norway, last year)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Its all about the buttons

Pfff, its really hot this week! I wish I could press the button of a fan, which would cool down entire Greenwich, but I don’t think that is possible. The last two weeks have been life changing.... at least mood changing. I had to do a maths test for my PGCE course and if I passed that, I could get a £5,000.00 bursary... Most of the exercises were quite doable, but unfortunately not for me. I bought a really cheap and useless calculator which did not have the ‘to the power of’ button on it.... I had to calculate 1.0045 ‘to the power of’ 216. Because I didn’t have the ‘special’ button I had to press 1.0045 x 1.0045 x 1.0045.... x 1.0045 (216 times in total!!!) But when I was pressing the button for the 180-something time, I lost count .... SO I HAD TO START AGAIN!... After that I had to check the answer... so in total I pressed the same freakin’ button over 800 times!

Luckily, I passed the test, so I will stay at this uni for another year to become a teacher... scary! I feel so mature now! Not yesterday though. Yesterday, I figured out that I had 15 free minutes until midnight. I thought it would be a waste to let them expire so I started calling random numbers. I pretended to own a take away shop and that I wanted to order 5 lemons. I put on an accent and it was amazing! One of the guys on the phone tried to convince me that he wasn’t a supplier, but I completely ignored him. Once I said I dialled the wrong number, but them called him again with the same request! After that, my housemate called him with his phone... the guy went mental :P!

Such a waste of time... I loved it!