Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Skip the week!

Now I have finished uni, I need to find a reason to get out of bed. I work a few days a week on events for the university or in the office, but that is really it. During my last four day weekend, I did not have much to do besides uploading videos of a massive Eagle flying around in the lecture theatre. (I was working on the Harry Potter days, thats why. Yes uni is not only about reading, listening and writing. It is also about magic... and now I am finished I kinda miss that).

Last weekend I was so bored, I watched Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13, Ice Age 1,2 & 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3 and Shrek 1,2 &3.  It was an excellent opportunity to watch them again and to see the films I missed, but to be fair... Continuously watching films is kinda boring.  Luckily, it was my sister’s birthday last Sunday and even though she is in another country, I had a good reason to throw a party. So I bought a beer keg, some cider and Robinsons in my local superstore. This kept me busy for at least 30 minutes already! When I got home I made my own snake bite (whoops they are illegal, so just to confirm .... ehmm don’t make them yourself) sat on the stoop in front of my house and listened to the radio.

Unfortunately, that only kept me busy for a day or two, so now I need to find something new to do. I just figured out that M&M’s are planning to open an M&M’s world later this month. Most likely to be based at Leicester Square... so if you don’t hear from me soon, I will probably be trying out all the flavours :P....

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you this! My housemate moved out :( and she gave me the amazing chair I always wanted :)! It is soo soft and big! Oh and she gave me a desk! And a next door is moving out as well and they have a massive skip in front of their house. Last Friday, I ‘found’ a wardrobe over there and three days later I got another desk and a TV table... My new housemate doesn’t like the TV table, because I use it as a post table... but who cares ... I LOVE HORDING  :D

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I have received the results of my dissertation and I got a 2.1! The second highest mark achievable!! Considering the fact that I am foreign, it must mean that it would have been a 1st in my own country! Bazinga! .... Oh sorry, I keep using this word – really awkward. I might need to explain the word ‘bazinga’ to some of you.  I love the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper – a socially awkward scientist– uses the word ‘bazinga’ after a sarcastic comment to indicate it’s a joke. (normally he doesn’t really do humour, but he tries to experiment).  I have been watching this amazing series non-stop the last few days and I keep using the word ‘bazinga’ ....
Btw, I am really sad uni is over. Not because I love learning – because I don’t – but I love the social life. I now need to make a decision whether or not to stay in England. I like both Holland and England, but I would love to explore the rest of the world as well. However, I don’t have any money, so unless I walk from Lidl to Lidl I won’t be able to afford this. Anyway, after a pondering week I think I might stay here and become a business teacher. I don’t know if I am going to be a good teacher, but I like teaching, so we’ll see. The good thing about a teaching job are the holidays! ... ¼ of a year I will be off... so I can go to Holland then and start my own pub over there!
Anyway, I need to stay a student as long as I can, and postpone the pondering part. The latest pie chart I looked at was my pizza and my pint was a bar chart. In other words, no uni work anymore, no study, no lectures... just BBQ’s, pizzas, parties and non-alcoholic booze (can’t promote alcohol ;) )... LETS GET IT STARTED!

Wait a minute – I don’t like learning, but I want to be a teacher? I Need to sort out my life!