Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Exams are just like Keith Lemon
People are always soo stressed about their exams, but I am not really. Maybe I am too laidback, but I haven’t start revising yet, even though my exam is next Monday. I believe that the exams should reflect what you have learned throughout the year. In other words, you just repeat what you have learned. It is like Keith Lemon. He is really funny, but keeps repeating his jokes. The information you need to know for your exam seems really tuff, but at the end you just keep repeating the information you have learned previously.
Monday is my last day at uni and I will bring a bottle of champagne to celebrate it. Obviously, I won’t drink it during my exam, but once I’ve finished it will be ‘whoop whoop!’ time. I just need to attend a three hour exam and that is it. Oh, and I need to pass the exam, but I am not really worried about that little detail. I am not really looking forward to finish uni, because then I need to become mature and I don’t want to be adult-ish!
I applied for a lot of jobs the last few weeks. To be specific, I sent 67 application forms and cv’s to companies all over the world. I have a applied for jobs in Las Vegas, The Netherlands, Sweden, Oxford, Canada, Australia and many many more, but nobody wants meL... yet.  Suggestions are welcome J
I even applied for being on the new Big Brother show... I hate Big Brother though. However, you get free food, play games, meet new people, don’t pay rent and can win a cash prize, so it sounds kinda like heaven! In addition to that, I applied to become a teacher, but I need to attend an interview for that soo... whelp!!! If this all won’t work out, I might go and travel a bit. I would love to explore the world, but it is quite expensive. I like Norway, but I don’t speak Norway-ish... In other words, I have no idea what I need to do after my study. I do know that I am good in joking around and being sarcastic, but it is hard to get a job where I can use those skills. However.... I applied for a comedy contest! I am going to do 10 minutes of stand up and I can win my own show! Probably won’t though :P