Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Finally! My dissertation has been submitted and it is not as bad as expected! I might even be kinda proud of it... anyway now it’s time for sex, drugs and rock and roll! However, I don’t have a girlfriend, neither do I take drugs. Besides that, I don’t really like rock and roll.
Let’s call it... Love, beer and pop music!
You probably won’t be aware, but this Friday the royal couple is going to get married... and I am going to attend their wedding! You might wonder why I want to go there, because it will be very crowded, but I just want to get an impression of what my future wedding will be like. To celebrate their wedding I am going to ‘booze up’ and order a ‘chicken royal’ at Burger King.... its going to be amazing!!
Oh and something completely different... I have grown a dissertational beard! This is a recommendation for all men who believe they are busy, or want others to think they are busy... just grow your beard! I have done it, so people were aware of the fact that I was dedicated to my project. Even my dissertation supervisor asked me why I was growing a beard and I told her that it was because of my dissertation. Now she knows that I am dedicated, I might even get a higher grade... (pretty clever, if I may say so)...
Anyway, besides one exam I have finished university and started my summer holiday... FOREVER! Because I finished uni, I can just sit in the park until the moon shines! Ehmm,, maybe not. I need to look for a job, or another course to study... or travel to Canada, Australia, America or any other country.... but until then... please don’t stop the music!!!

PS.... Even though I came across the advert below over the internet I still wrote the dissertation by myself, because the alternative option is not allowed.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tic Toc, it’s late ‘o clock

It is Easter Holiday! YES!!! Meaning the deadline for my dissertation is getting near! WHELP!!!! I have 9 days left to finish my dissertation, but I don’t think that will be enough. Even though, my dissertation is 48 pages long, I think I need another 30 pages to finish it entirely. The worst thing is not the writing part, but finding the information and analysing it. I can talk for ages in real life and on paper, but the problem is that it won’t make sense! Luckily, I have some of the information lying next to me, because with the help of many student ambassadors I have collected over a 100 surveys. However, this information needs to be analysed and that aint fun! Besides that, I need to use the theory to discuss the outcomes. It is a hard job, and I need to stay focussed. I have stocked up my room with energy drinks, but I still believe that I was not born to dissertate!
I have so much to tell you, but I don’t really have time to do so. I nearly did not visit my dad on his birthday,  because I am sooo busy!.... and I nearly missed my flight. This won’t sound smart, but firstly I booked a flight from Holland to London and back... which is the wrong way around. Secondly, it was 1.30 am on the day of departure and I was so tired that I was planning to sleep for half an hour. It was a shock when I woke up at 5.05 am and realised my gate was closing at 6.30 am. I never ran that much in my life! I ran downstairs to catch the bus, got a cab at Stratford, jumped queues at the airport and got in the train towards gate 1 – 19. WAIT A MINUTE!? My gate was 85!!!! I WAS GOING TO THE WRONG SIDE OF THE AIRPORT! Luckily, a nice airport man helped me and I made the flight!....  I don’t know why, but I keep running late this month!...