Monday, 28 March 2011

A little blue walk

It is not the greatest way to start a blog, but yesterday I heard that my grandmother passed away last Friday. Even though, I only met her a couple of times when I were young and I don’t really know who she is I hope she may Rest In Peace...

Last Friday I was watching a Dutch fraud program online, but at the same time I was doing my coursework. Suddenly I heard a voice, which reminded me of lady and an event I organised 4 years ago. It was the ‘Pavement-day’ for the Dutch Make A Wish foundation. Over 900 children made pavement drawings and we raised nearly €2,000 for the charity. I switched the screens and started watching the program, instead of only listening to it. I kinda recognised her face, but she got a bit bolder and ehmm shorter? I went to my hotmail account and searched for her name.... there she was! The same lady, who was on TV, was the region contact for the Make A Wish Foundation 4 years ago. After 5 minutes, I realised that she has stolen over 1.5 million euro’s from several charities and that she started scamming people in 2007... WHEN MY EVENT TOOK PLACE! I emailed the charity and I am still waiting for a response, because maybe I too have been scammed for nearly €2,000... (to be continued)

Besides this tatty situation, I had nearly been scammed last week (again). I was selling my blackberry on amazon (because my thumb is too thick, so when I try to press a key I use half the keyboard...) and I got an email from a certain person who wanted to see a picture of my blackberry. After sending it, I got an email saying ‘Person X paid for your item, but the payment has been put on hold until you send it...’. I was like ‘wtf to Africa? I thought I only send stuff to UK mainland otherwise it is too expensive.’ After this I received another email, asking if I could provide a tracking number... and because that never happens I knew it was a scam. Because I hate ignoring emails, I sent an email back stating:

Dear Evra09,

Thank you for your order

Your Tracking Number is: GET LOST!

So it’s been a weird week which made wanna sing: I’m blue ba be deed a ba dai.... Besides this I am still busy with my coursework and already finished half of my dissertation (10,000 words). Oh and I am thinking about asking out a certain girl. The only thing is that I don’t like making ‘a little blue walk’  (Dutch expression, meaning she turns you down by saying ‘no’, ‘NO WAY’, just laughs or says ‘ahh youre sooo cute!’) 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Go Go Gadget Party poppers!

It’s been a hectic time since the last time I wrote my blog. As you might have realised, our event took place last Friday and it was amazing. We had a lot of 90s decoration, games and we we’re planning to have 90s music as well... but the DJ got lost. This, plus the fact that our lecturer showed up 30 minutes before the event started, made me very nervous. I was dressed up as Ginger Spice, with a union jack dress, wig and massive stilettos (which btw REALLY HURT!). Luckily I had no time to paint my nails and put on make-up, because we were too busy with putting up the posters, but that is pretty hard on heels!
In total, over 100 people attended our event and we had loads of raffle prizes like wine, sweets and Ann Summer gift bags (don’t ask me why, or what was in it :P). It was a long day, but it was worth it, because we made over 650 pounds for the Barnardos charity and it was an incredible night!
Besides our event there were other events organised like a fashion show, golf day and an art gallery. I have not been to all of them, because I am a student and not every event has student friendly prices.... However I have been to the fashion show, which was my first fashion show ever! It was in central London and the ticket alone was 15 pounds. When I ordered a beer I got a half a pint they charged me a massive 7.50 POUNDS!! HALF A PINT!!!! It shocked me! But luckily there were a lot of ‘free’ cupcakes on the tables and at the end of the event I went around the tables to get them. I could not eat them all, so I put them in my pocket (runny icing on top.... whoops!). While I was doing that, one o the crew members started to take away the cupcakes. I walked over to him and told him to leave them, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He gave me one ... but I was like: ‘we paid for these, can you leave them on the table?’ He said that they were free, but how can they be free if the entrance fee was 15 pounds and the drinks were soo expensive? Btw.... I believed the glass was included as well  and their security was not that good :P
Anyway, it is dissertation time for me now... so lots to write and very little time to relax, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


It’s been a while ago, but here it is again.... a new blog. Sorry about the last ‘blog’  as far as you can call it a blog, because it looked more like spam... but I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you and how bad I want you to attend this amazing party!
Before I start, I need to show you my amazing fruit machine though. Amazing Charlotte requested a picture, because I was writing about it for a couple of weeks, so here it is :D and it works amazingly well (yes I like the word amazing).... It makes my room rock & roll and blimey, that machine is loud!  For the people who don’t like gambling: I am not advertising gambling... I only use free play ;)
Now, let’s talk about my life. It is a busy life at the moment. I am still a very active Ebayer and just bought 20 Human Resource Management books for only 27 pounds. The guy who sent is said that the boxed weight over 20 kilo’s, so I hope I am at home when it gets delivered. Otherwise I need to pick it up from the post office. Besides this, I bought loads of more stuff to sell online and I am now even thinking about buying 4,500 Pok√©mon cards to sell per 100 and make a nice 50 pounds profit... yes I know, it is me...  the little business man.
Unfortunately, this is not the most important thing in my life at the moment. My dissertation requires a lot of work, but I can’t be bothered to write it if I am being fair. The event, however, is going to be amazing... Do you remember I told you that I was planning to dress up as Sonic... Unfortunately, that costume looked a bit crappy, so I decided to dress up as Edward Scissorhands. When I received that costume I seemed to have received an extra small instead of an extra large, because the T-shirt really looked like a girly top.... SO now I decided to dress up as .... yeah ehm I might need to explain why. People said that they we’re more likely to show up when I dress up as this idol. Firstly I was like... PARDON!? But, because it is for my degree, I am willing to give it a bit extra,,, so I will be dressing up as Geri Halliwell.... wish me luck! I have never been a Spice Girl before.