Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Come to our Fancy Dress!!

Hello fellow students!

We (Events Management students) would like to announce that the tickets for the I
90's- the time travel machine are available NOW!

The tickets are only
£5 (£7 on the doors) and EVERYONE gets a FREE shot!

Where: Admiral Hardy - Greenwich
When: Friday 11 March
Feel free to invite all your friends- the more of us the merrier! You will not only support the charity Barnardo's, but also have the opportunity to play with 90's games, 90's karaoke, dress up and have fun with your friends!!!

get yours by calling one of the ticket agents:

* Christina- XXXXX XXX XXX

Don't miss your chance to dress up and have fun!

For more information go to our events page:!/pages/I-love-the-90s-the-time-travel-machine/146543432066942

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Baggy Jeans!

It has been a long time, but I did not forget you! First of all Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though, I was a bit disappointed that none of my blog readers has sent me a gift. 

Anyway, you might remember that I love Ebay. I already bought 216 magnetic balls (so much fun!), a magnetic dartboard, Pokémon cards... And last Friday, my own fruit machine arrived! It is a massive 150 kilo’s so I needed the help of my housemate to carry it upstairs. I was trying to push it upstairs, while he was trying to balance it and pull it upstairs. It was extremely heavy and we did one step at the time, but the last 7 steps where in a corner, so we had to carry the machine 6 steps at once! Eventually, we carried it up stairs, but left an incredible amount of black marks on the wall... whoops! My next issue was the money, because I needed to have pound coins. I had an amazing idea and went to the oyster card top up machine. Every time I pressed that I wanted to top up with 5p, I paid with 20 pound notes, so got a lot of change. It was so heavy that my jeans changed into those baggy ones :P ... The guy next to machine did not really like the noise of me getting all the change. How I knew? ... ‘Bloody foreigners’ was a clue :P .... 

Oh and I am doing a lot of coursework nowadays. My surveys are sent out to higher education fairs, so they could arrive at your school or college as well. If you see my survey, please fill it in as I need around 500 surveys for my research project.  Besides that, I ordered my Sonic the Hedge Hog costume and Pokémon cards, which we are going to use for the ‘I love the 90’s’ event!

Ohhh and this Saturday I am going to be part of a new TV show (pilot) called ‘Walk the Line’. Apparently the game is about jumping queues (cashiers say I’m good at that: D) and answering questions.... we could even win a 1,000 pounds (yeah!!).... and meet Paddy McGuiness (yawn)... 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wanna play with my troll doll?

You probably expect me to write lots, because it has been two weeks since I uploaded my last blog. Unfortunately, not a lot has happened. I worked at a ‘what’s behind the wall’ event where 40 Year-10 students had a kind of Uni-Taster-Day. I gave them a tour and I think they liked the uni, even though I told them about the haunted tours during Halloweeeeeen.

BTW if you expected my blog to be dirty, because of my title, you have a dirty mind!... Anyway, I need your help! Do you remember those troll dolls from the 90’s. If so, do you have some spares which you want to donate? I am looking for 200 troll dolls for the ‘I love the 90’s’ event and if you can send/give me 15 troll dolls or more :D I give you a free ticket for our event PLUS a shot! That’s a pretty good deal if I may say so J

It is my parents anniversary this weekend, so I am going back to Holland on Friday morning. I leave my house at 3am and hope to arrive around 9 :D . I hate flying though, but it is quick and really cheap, so I need to... My sister and I (Yes I do have a sister) ordered a.... wait a minute! I can’t tell you that yet, because my parents will read this blog as well. Let’s say it is going to be a ‘stretchingly’ good weekend full of champagne and other ‘non’ alcoholic drinks! And no... I will not go to Amsterdam, because I am only going for 2.5 days, but that does not mean, that I can’t show you a nice and stereotypical sign from Amsterdam in this blog ;)
Oh and I have got a new passion! Yes, I know I need to start my dissertation, but EBAY is so cool! I am now bidding on fruit machine (I know, I am not allowed to advertise gambling, so let’s pretend that these machines make fruit or so...) and I am still the lead bidder for only 1 pound. The only disadvantage is that the machine is pink and I need to pick it up from Colchester if I win and #1 I don’t have a van and #2 I have never driven in England before... anyway, I will have much more to tell you about next time, so keep in touch J