Thursday, 20 January 2011

It’s water under the bridge

Goodbye old me, hello new me! As you know I am still on my boring low/no carb diet, but this Saturday and Sunday were my days of sin! My housemate had his birthday party so we went out and had loads of fun... everything went well and I want to emphasise that I did not nearly get into a fight, was not thrown out of a pub and did not ask the girl behind the bar out for a date.... Even better, she did not say ‘Im afraid, I already have a boyfriend’. Anyway, we were having fun and I gave my housemate 19 chocolate bars for his birthday as a present, because they were only 30p a bar.... and I know he loves chocolate. To be fair, I bought them on my unhealthy Saturday and I was dying to eat a bit of chocolate myself. So if you wonder why I gave him such an odd number of chocolate bars... ssshhh ;)
Besides the change in eating habits, I even do a lot of coursework, which might be a first. My deadline is in April, but I already started my dissertation which needs to be between 9,000 and 11,000 words long, a pretty boring ehm big project. Oh and since a week I have a new sport as well... SQUASH! and I love it!!!
Yesterday, I was not in the office, because I worked at a Bridge Building Day. I went to St Catherin’s School at Bexleyheath and the girls were asked to build bridges made of only tape, straws and string... bought for literally millions of fake pounds. The ones with the least amount of money spent won a box of celebrations, but the bridge had to be at least one meter long to overcome the gap between the tables. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed building bridges, even more destroying them with the weights to test their strength. I even got a present from three of the girls, who taped their bridge together and wrote on the tape stuff like: ‘I love you’, ‘when are we going out’ and ‘xxxxxxx’ , which was a nice gesture... I think.
Oh really important fact is this link :!/pages/I-love-the-90s-the-time-travel-machine/146543432066942?v=wall which gives you an insight of what kind of event we are going to organise. Bear in mind we are still improving the page ;)
Oh and one final comment. I am sorry, but I need to tell you this. Due to my work commitments, course work, upcoming event and dissertation, I only will be able to upload a blog every fortnight. I hope you keep reading my blogs J

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dude, Where’s my car!?

Yeahhh, uni started again (sad face). It is just 4 more months and I don’t want to be adult-ish. I don’t want to be more mature than I am right now, because, honestly, what is the point?! I want to go out until sunrise, sit in the park and be lazy... which I did last time. On Tuesday, I did the most useless thing ever. I went to the park on my own, sat on a hill and enjoyed the view of London. Sounds sad, but not when you are a student, only when you are an adult, who is serious and boring. I just wanted to feel like an adult for a sec, by feeling serious and boring. Luckily I will be a student for the next couple of months and besides the dissertation (which I already started (pat on the shoulder)) I am organising the Back to the 90’s event at Greenwich. Well, not only me of course, but 5 others as well. I am going to order a Sonic Hedge Hog suit and eat loads of dip dap J... If you want to join as well, you do not only sponsor the charity Barnardo’s, but have a reason to dress up as the Fresh Prince or a Power Ranger! I will share a link soon, where you can read more about this event. To be fair, it would be a great opportunity, to get to know the students and the life their living at this event.
But enough about uni, because that is not why you are reading this blog, is it! Last Monday, me and my friends were shopping in a shopping centre far, far away. We went by car and bought really nice food in Lewisham. We were at Sainsbury’s and they played such a nice song that I had my own little Flash Mob moment. You know, people who unexpectedly started dancing in the middle of a station or store. It felt a bit weird, but luckily my mate was joining, which made it look a bit ehm.... different.
When we went back to the car, at least that was what we were planning to do, we couldn’t find it. Apparently, we passed the wreck, but missed it, so we walked through the parking garage six times, before my mate shouted: ‘DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR!?’... at the end we found it, but when we sat in the car, I remembered I forgot to buy the bacon... unfortunately, nobody wanted to join me buying bacon... seemingly too afraid to lose their car. again.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

It’s a pork!

It is going to be a weird, weird blog, but before I start I want to wish you an amazing 2011! I got back to Greenwich last Tuesday and I flew with Ryanair! And then something amazing happened! We had an internship pilot! Nobody told me that, but I figured it out when we arrived and bounced on the runway several times before we stayed on the ground. I was sleeping, but that certainly woke me up. The guy next to me even looked like he was going to die, but I suppose he thought we were,,, which explains his girly shout. Anyway, since then, I decided to go on a low carb diet! In other words, my diet contains very little carbohydrates and sugars. Yes, I know that beer contains a lot of carbs, but that is why this diet is called a low carb diet and not a no carb diet. Unfortunately, no more homemade pizza’s for me, but I can eat as much meat and veg as I want… which I don’t0!

Anyway, yesterday I gave a tour to a very nice couple from Bristol. It was a pleasure to show them around and unexpectedly they offered me a lunch! I was so not expecting that, but I just want to give a subtle hint by saying that this was very much appreciated! SO if you ever go on a tour yourself……

Anyway, because I went to Holland for two weeks and did not speak English, it needed a bit of practice to speak in the normal English way again. Instead of calling the meat pork, I said that I went to buy some piggy meat. My housemate took the p*ss and asked me where the piggy meat was coming from and I shamelessly said PORK DOH! HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A PORK?! But then I thought about me buying beef and I knew for sure beef isn’t an animal … so whoops, welcome to England!

Ohh btw… I figured out that proud in Dutch is ‘trots’, but when I say in ‘I am trots’ it is … let’s say it means something different ;)