Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Driving home for Christmas

Today I am having an amazing Christmas party at work. I am sitting here with my Christmas tie and my Christmas pudding... blegh! I don’t like Christmas pudding, but... it is kinda obligatory to eat it during Christmas, isn't it? Anyway, I just got some amazing bath balls from secret Santa! So if I buy a bath for a few quid, I can really use them and turn into a happy kid!

Do you remember that I told you about my mate Nick who was coming to visit me? It was amazing and we had so much fun! I don’t know why we did it, but we decided to rent a car for a day. Such a mistake! ...

...it all began when the alarm clock went off....

BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP... 30 minutes later ... BEEP BEEP BEEP. .... ‘REMCO WAKE UP YOU LAZY DONKEY!’ and I was like... ‘Huh what happened? Are we dead? Who are you? Nick! What are you doing in my room?!’  I totally forgot that Nick was staying over, so that was a bit awkward.

Anyway, we found a centre which rents out cars to people under 25, but unfortunately, only Stansted Airport was open on Sundays. After 2 hours we finally arrived at Stansted and picked up our car. Both of us wanted to drive, so we decided to get in the car and then check where the steering wheel was. I know that to most of you this doesn’t make sense, but in my country people drive at the right side of the road, while people in Britain drive at the left side. This means that the steering wheel is at the other side of the car, which makes everything really confusing. Anyway, we got in the car and luckily I was the one in front of the steering wheel.  Within 10 minutes we found out how the gears worked and; because we were so confident I drove towards a roundabout to get on the motorway, just before I nearly hit a bus. The whole day was full of near death experiences as I hit the curve 17 times. Besides that, the traffic made me wonder why people from the opposite direction were driving in my lane. This happened 3 times, and then I realised that it was me who was driving in the wrong lane.... At the end we did make it to our final destination: Colchester and Clacton-on-Sea!

Why?  ... To ride a bicycle (see picture)


Tuesday, 22 November 2011

‘Sir, I don’t have a pen’

Party people! It’s blog-time again! I am really sorry that I am not answering your calls every week, but that is just because I am so busy with my course at the moment. There is so much to write and I should read a lot of books as well, but to be fair I can’t be bothered. Luckily, I have amazing colleagues who are covering for me at the moment...

I have been teaching at Greenwich Community College the last few weeks and so far it has been a great experience. It is quite embarrassing, but now I realise how it is to have people like me in the classroom. Students are coming from everywhere; and everyone comes with a different package. There are students who want to be in my class to get a certificate, but others just need to be there.

Last Tuesday a student put his hand up and said: ‘Sir, I don’t have a pen’... and as a real teacher I responded with ‘Do you want to buy one?’. Another time, a student came in 45 minutes late... FOURTY-FIVE MINUTES! The classes are only 1.5 hours most of the time, but because I am such a friendly teacher I let him in. However, I couldn’t resist making a comment, so I asked him if he was struggling to find the room. He answered by saying that he was attending college for the last 3 years and that he had been in that particular room for at least the last academic year. I laughed and said ‘well I am happy that you found the room after 1 year’.

Last week I was solving maths problems with a student and after 15 minutes we finally got to the point that he understood how to subtract decimals. Without realising it I called him a ‘genius’, which might sound sarcastic to many people. However, he knew I meant it, because it is impressive when someone has been struggling with subtraction for years; and now he got it within 15 minutes!

Ah, enough about my placement, because I need to do a lot of preparation for tomorrows classes. I am going to show them a YouTube clip about fractions.... boring?! I don’t think so, check out this link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=grpqwi1cTyA ...

Oh and I have finally done it. I promised my friend in New York that I would send her a present, so I bought a can of coke, wrapped it and sent it straight to New York. I paid 10 pounds for sending it, while the can of coke was only 60 pence, but I think it was worth it! She hasn’t received my present yet, but I just hope that she won’t read my blog J

Oh I forgot to tell you, My Dutch friend Nick is coming over. He spontaneously booked a ticket to London. I hope I have a few spare hours; otherwise I need to find someone else to babysit him. It is going to be fun though.... a lot.... a lot... of fun J

To end with a quote: 'Sir I don’t wanna do this worksheet' "well don’t do it then... do you want to go home instead?" 'Can I really?' "Of course you can.... it’s not me who’s going to fail your exam is it?"

Monday, 14 November 2011

‘if Face Book did...’

It’s nearly Christmas already and I haven’t bought any presents yet... I will probably not buy any presents either; as Christmas is not about giving.... it’s about time with your family friends and about receiving gifts. I have attached a picture of this year’s Santa Clause, in the hope he will visit me and bring along a present, as well as, a tree; because to be fair, I can’t afford either of them.

You might think ‘oh that Dutch guy is rather cheap’, but that is for two good reasons. Firstly, I just started my placement at Greenwich Community College (one of the partner colleges of the University of Greenwich) and have very little time to work. I have been attending some open evenings at e.g. Bexleyheath Academy and Welling School, but besides that not much happened. The placement is wonderful btw. So far, I have just been a teaching assistant, helping out students if they have a question, and I think they think that I'm ‘alright’.

Now, I am getting more mature and serious about my future. I have totally changed my way of living. I have reorganised my room, eat healthy, do a bit of boxing and put my clothes in the wardrobe instead of on the floor. You might think ‘oh why do you do this? Is it because of a girl?’ ... Ehm, yes.

One of my friends is doing a placement in New York and she loves it. She lives in Harlem (near Brooklyn Bridge (see picture)) and once in a while we speak to each other on Skype. Unfortunately there is a subtle time difference of 5 hours, so when we started our conversation on Skype, it was only 8pm in the USA and midnight in London. However, before I knew it, it was 7 ‘o clock in the morning. I have never looked so bad before! I looked like a panda bear with too little sleep. Anyway, we had an amazing chat about our future and we decided that we want to go on a world trip. We don’t know a lot of details yet, but what we do know is that we need a lot of money, so I need to stop blogging now and do some work. Before I know it, it will be summer 2013 which will be the start of the trip. If Face Book would like this, they would say it is.... AWESOME!

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

I’ve been sleeping around

Yes, its half term! Oh wait! ...we don’t do half term at uni L ! Luckily the buses were really empty this morning and it only took me 17 minutes to get to work instead of the normal 35. Nowadays I attend classes every Thursday and Friday from 9 ‘til 4-ish and I am doing my work placement at Greenwich Community College at Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday... or I’m busy working these days. In short, I’m knackered and grateful for every little nap I can take. It is sad that the sun isn’t shining that much anymore, because I used to sleep in the park. Once I went to the park at 4pm to have a little nap, but when I woke up I noticed that the sun was set. Seemingly I slept for 4 hours and missed one of my classes. The weirdest thing is when I tried to explain this, because everyone thought I was making up excuses, but I just didn’t hear my alarm.
The worst thing happened last week.  I was on the bus (286) and closed my eyes for just a little moment, but suddenly I heard somebody shouting ‘oi mate’.  I was like ‘ehmm what? What? What’s going on?’ The bus driver said ‘sorry mate, last stop’... which made me think... the last stop is Queen Marys Hospital, which is miles from (a much earlier stop called) University of Greenwich, so I responded ‘ nah you’re joking right?’ But unfortunately, the answer was no. Seemingly I fell asleep on the bus, missed my stop and was an hour late for classes. Not a good way to impress your lecturers ... but a very nice nap though.
A sad thing is going to happen soon. One of our best team supervisors (Axel) is leaving the Enquiry Unit. Axel was totally into QR codes (you know those squarey thingies you can scan with your phone and it will take you to their website). Well he is going back to his home country, so if you want to know what that looks like, just scan this QR code with your phone and it shows you his amazing country!
286 Bus

QR Code

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

‘Numeracy, I rather die’

I just experienced a peculiar fortnight. Firstly, I want to talk about bills. It is very important to manage your funds in a manner so you can afford to pay all the bills on time. Nowadays, I am very poor, because I work very few hours.... I am even poorer than I was before, even though I have been a student for the last three years. I am not able to work, because of my new course.... it is getting better btw, but more about that later on. Like I said, it is very important to pay the bills on time to avoid fines etc. Unfortunately, British Gas overcharged us by five times, so that was not good at all. This was three months ago, when my former housemate moved out, and because she was in charge of the bills, she will get the refund. Hence, I have sent her a number of emails to ask where the money is, but I only get excuses that the cheques have bounced back etc.... Just to give you an example of what is going on, I have attached my last email:

Besides this very mature exchange of emails, I have attended a very important interview at Greenwich Community College. As you might know, I was looking for a placement to learn how to teach numeracy.  The interviewer asked me why I wanted to teach numeracy... but saying that ‘I knew I wanted to teach numeracy from the day I was born’ is a bit dull. So I decided to tell them that I hated numeracy. I told them that numeracy was the worst subject I ever had at secondary school (English was very close though). I was aiming for the shock factor which, by the look of their faces, did occur. Luckily, I added straight away that because of a new teacher, I started to understand maths and realised that maths was easy... even for me.
After that we talked about Greenwich Community College and how I would deal with students who might want to disturb the lesson, so I told them that I used to be a little rascal myself. Anyway to make a long story short, I got my place at Greenwich Community College and I will be teaching very soon...


Monday, 26 September 2011

We want to ‘Rocky’

Risin' up, back on the campus
Doin’ my time, takin’ my chances
Went the distance, now I'm back in the class
Just a man and his will to survive

So many times, it happens too fast
You change your passion for glory
Don't lose your grip on the dreams of the past
You must fight just to keep them alive
Recognise these lyrics?  Yes you’re right! These are our uni lyrics based on ‘eye of the tiger’! It shows the motivation I need to become a teacher, because *gosh* that course is really tuff! Imagine me with a really serious face... that times two.  But it is getting better now... everybody is lighting up, but there is (already) a lot of coursework to do.
Luckily there is time for fun as well. Last week, there were Fresher’s Fairs at all three campuses. The Enquiry Unit designed a cake stand so we could collect money for MacMillan Cancer Support. We raised an amazing £263.39!!! with hand- and home-made cakes by your fellow students! Besides that, there were student societies who were recruiting new members and a local cinema which gave away free popcorn (I love the salty one). It was a very nice day and I even got an inflatable queue (for playing pool).... the most useless piece of s*gar I ever got! But very nice J
Oh and I bought a boxing set! I have attached a picture so you can imagine me and my boxing set going wild! I box 20 minutes every day and it knocks me out... literally. I punched the bag so hard that it bounced back right into my face... I never experienced such a pain! Luckily I man up very quickly when I listen to ‘eye of the tiger’ – the Rocky theme song.
Oh oh! I nearly forgot to tell you... if some of you people are reading this from Greenwich Community College, you might be surprised to hear that I have an interview for my placement on the 5th of October! Meaning... I might become a teacher at the GCC!... fingers crossed J!

Monday, 19 September 2011

I hate induction days!

You probably think that you are the only odd one who hates induction days? The thought of going to a strange and unknown venue and sitting in a classroom with people you never met... no friends around and no-one to talk to. You’re heart beating heavily and getting sweaty hand..
It sounds like a description of a horror film, and for some it is. It might feel the same, but I can tell you from my own experiences that it ,,, ehm ,,, isn’t? Last Thursday was my induction day and it was very nerve wrecking.  You probably wonder why I had an induction day, because I already am a student at the University of Greenwich, but that is because I finished my Events Management degree and just started my PGCE course (which hopefully allows me to become a teacher). Imagine this... a classroom of approximately 200 people. No familiar faces, not even someone who you recognised on the bus on your way to the classroom. It was very scary and, just like a SAW film, I did not know what was going to happen. 

One of the academic staff members stood in front of the classroom and before introducing himself he said ‘So... what did you think about the rioters this summer? I hope you do not mind them, because you will be teaching them this year! Haha!’ This set the mood for the entire induction day... the sweat evaporated, everybody started laughing and talking to each other, my heart started beating at a normal speed... everything is fine... until you need to start to do exercises and then you realise that you just started a new journey in your (already) amazing life.

FYI thanks to the induction day the number of friends on facebook increased by 10 and now I have 321 friends! In other words, induction days are there to get familiar with the university and your fellow students. Don’t be scared and add them on facebook! 

Friday, 26 August 2011

As busy as I claim to be, I've still got the greatest job in the world...

...or not. No seriously, it is a really nice place to work. I have met a lot of new people the last few weeks... some a bit more random than others, but at least they are not boring! Today we are going to have a BBQ to celebrate that we survived A level day. An amazing BBQ with all my friends and others!
Talking about A level day. I worked from 8am until 10pm so you can imagine how tired I have been. It was really nice to speak with many of you and luckily I was able to offer some applicants a place at our University. This weekend we had an Open Day as well, and I was suited up to answer all your questions. The funny thing was that one lady sat in front of me and I recognised her voice. However, I was not sure if it was the person I was thinking of, so I took her student ID number and checked her on our system. Surprisingly it was her and I was really happy to speak to her in person (especially because she sounded pretty on the phone... and she was).
At work, Taz and I launched a trend... wearing the same colours at the same day... yesterday it was pink and the day before it was red. Uzma told us that she wanted to join as well, but unfortunately she was not showing up in the right colours, so that was kinda disappointing. The fact that she didn’t feel well is a minor issue... because now I don’t have a picture to put on...
At the Open Day and with the Clearing Hotline I have a lot of fun. Even though, I am knackered after my days work, I am always looking forward to going back to work. But in about two weeks time it is going to be a bit better. I will be going to Holland for a short break to visit my friends and family! Blaze, Edgar and Tiffany (my colleague-friends) will be joining me too! It is going to be fun... walking through Amsterdam, visiting Berlin and having Dutch food and drinks.... see you soon!

Monday, 8 August 2011

Oh I am ginger....

Not really, ok well I am sort of, but I did not know any other way to introduce my blog. My new housemate is from Scotland and the only word I can say in proper Scottish accent is ‘ginger’. He just moved in last week and, if I may say so, he is an improvement on my previous housemate. He fixed the internet and our TV, he put a lock on our shower door and he helped me winning money with an online poker game!
Talking about being Scottish, Frankie Boyle is an amazing comedian. He is hilarious and I have been watching all his YouTube clips last weekend, which reminds me for some reason about my plan to travel to Bath. One of my friends said to me ‘do you want to go to bath with me?’  I was like ‘why do you want to take a bath together?’ It took a while, but then I realised she meant Bath and not bath... so anyway we are going to Bath for a day... and I will upload pics soon!
Another embarrassing moment occurred last Sunday. I was wearing my favourite baggy shorts, which are just a size or two too large. Anyway, I love them and they feel really ‘free’. Well, I went outside to put the rubbish in the bin and while I was standing on the steps in front of my house, greeting my neighbours, whoosh, my shorts fell down. I was standing there in my boxer shorts, which was rather embarrassing. So to save myself, I said ‘nice day isn’t it?... picked up my shorts and went inside... I think I recovered very well...
Oh and I just remembered, my teacher training course (PGCE LLS) will start soon. Just one month to go and I am getting rather nervous.... new people (nice) new experiences (nice) new environment (nice)... new school (challenge J)

Monday, 25 July 2011

‘Rollercoastering through life’

I have been studying at the University of Greenwich for three years now and just graduated last week. I can call myself an Events Manager, but to be fair... that is not the most important bit of my student life. The most important thing was meeting all my friends, and them introducing me to their cultures.... Instead of being happy, I was kinda sad, because I don’t want to leave this amazing place and stop meeting great people! That is why, (plus the fact that I believe I can) I am going to do a PGCE at the University of Greenwich. This is a teaching course which will allow me to teach 16+ students! In other words, next September I might be a guest teacher at a school or a college!!
The Graduation ceremony was very cool! I was wearing a graduation gown and taking pictures with my amazing friends and other random people. My parents came over as well, and they met loads of my 288 FaceBook friends. It was great to have a drink and to introduce my friends to my parents. My parents met a lot of people and it made them happy when they saw how multicultural our university really is. And I like it very much too! I like a mixture of cultures, because I believe that contributes to a better society... that is why I always say ‘laundry should be the only thing separated by colour’.
Talking about multicultural societies, I was very sad this weekend when I watched the news and saw the streets of Oslo being destroyed by a bomb. I was at the exact same place last year and it was an amazing city. The people are so nice and friendly and I couldn’t believe that something like that happened in such a great city. The island, as well, was a victim of insanity and my sympathy goes to all the people from Norway.
Last week was an emotional rollercoaster, because of all these happenings, and one of the greatest Dutch comedians passing away. And don’t forget Amy Winehouse, who is now part of Club 27 (artists who have died at the age of 27, including Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain)...
Besides these tragedies, there was fun as well. I had fun with my parents and we even went to the M&Ms world (which I was talking about, a few blogs ago). I did stand up comedy at Up The Creek... (I tried out some new stuff and if I would grade it, I would give it 6 out of 10 marks... so not bad, neither good, but it needs some rewriting).... Clearing is moving to Greenwich, which is more convenient for me. This is because the shops, banks & pubs are closer to the campus J ... and... The three great Ambassadors Blaze, Tiffany & Edgar are planning to visit me in Holland.... EVEN BETTER.... I am planning to visit Tiffany in Jamaica... the land of chilling and relaxing!
So it’s been two weeks of being happy, sad, happy, sad, sad, sad, happy, happy & happy... but I suppose that is all part of growing up. Whatever happens I will be on the phones answering your calls and to give you a better impression of the happy things of last week, I have added some pictures... (I took the last pic in Norway, last year)

Friday, 1 July 2011

Its all about the buttons

Pfff, its really hot this week! I wish I could press the button of a fan, which would cool down entire Greenwich, but I don’t think that is possible. The last two weeks have been life changing.... at least mood changing. I had to do a maths test for my PGCE course and if I passed that, I could get a £5,000.00 bursary... Most of the exercises were quite doable, but unfortunately not for me. I bought a really cheap and useless calculator which did not have the ‘to the power of’ button on it.... I had to calculate 1.0045 ‘to the power of’ 216. Because I didn’t have the ‘special’ button I had to press 1.0045 x 1.0045 x 1.0045.... x 1.0045 (216 times in total!!!) But when I was pressing the button for the 180-something time, I lost count .... SO I HAD TO START AGAIN!... After that I had to check the answer... so in total I pressed the same freakin’ button over 800 times!

Luckily, I passed the test, so I will stay at this uni for another year to become a teacher... scary! I feel so mature now! Not yesterday though. Yesterday, I figured out that I had 15 free minutes until midnight. I thought it would be a waste to let them expire so I started calling random numbers. I pretended to own a take away shop and that I wanted to order 5 lemons. I put on an accent and it was amazing! One of the guys on the phone tried to convince me that he wasn’t a supplier, but I completely ignored him. Once I said I dialled the wrong number, but them called him again with the same request! After that, my housemate called him with his phone... the guy went mental :P!

Such a waste of time... I loved it!

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Skip the week!

Now I have finished uni, I need to find a reason to get out of bed. I work a few days a week on events for the university or in the office, but that is really it. During my last four day weekend, I did not have much to do besides uploading videos of a massive Eagle flying around in the lecture theatre. (I was working on the Harry Potter days, thats why. Yes uni is not only about reading, listening and writing. It is also about magic... and now I am finished I kinda miss that).

Last weekend I was so bored, I watched Ocean’s 11, 12 & 13, Ice Age 1,2 & 3, Pirates of the Caribbean 1, 2 & 3 and Shrek 1,2 &3.  It was an excellent opportunity to watch them again and to see the films I missed, but to be fair... Continuously watching films is kinda boring.  Luckily, it was my sister’s birthday last Sunday and even though she is in another country, I had a good reason to throw a party. So I bought a beer keg, some cider and Robinsons in my local superstore. This kept me busy for at least 30 minutes already! When I got home I made my own snake bite (whoops they are illegal, so just to confirm .... ehmm don’t make them yourself) sat on the stoop in front of my house and listened to the radio.

Unfortunately, that only kept me busy for a day or two, so now I need to find something new to do. I just figured out that M&M’s are planning to open an M&M’s world later this month. Most likely to be based at Leicester Square... so if you don’t hear from me soon, I will probably be trying out all the flavours :P....

Oh, I nearly forgot to tell you this! My housemate moved out :( and she gave me the amazing chair I always wanted :)! It is soo soft and big! Oh and she gave me a desk! And a next door is moving out as well and they have a massive skip in front of their house. Last Friday, I ‘found’ a wardrobe over there and three days later I got another desk and a TV table... My new housemate doesn’t like the TV table, because I use it as a post table... but who cares ... I LOVE HORDING  :D

Wednesday, 1 June 2011


I have received the results of my dissertation and I got a 2.1! The second highest mark achievable!! Considering the fact that I am foreign, it must mean that it would have been a 1st in my own country! Bazinga! .... Oh sorry, I keep using this word – really awkward. I might need to explain the word ‘bazinga’ to some of you.  I love the Big Bang Theory and Sheldon Cooper – a socially awkward scientist– uses the word ‘bazinga’ after a sarcastic comment to indicate it’s a joke. (normally he doesn’t really do humour, but he tries to experiment).  I have been watching this amazing series non-stop the last few days and I keep using the word ‘bazinga’ ....
Btw, I am really sad uni is over. Not because I love learning – because I don’t – but I love the social life. I now need to make a decision whether or not to stay in England. I like both Holland and England, but I would love to explore the rest of the world as well. However, I don’t have any money, so unless I walk from Lidl to Lidl I won’t be able to afford this. Anyway, after a pondering week I think I might stay here and become a business teacher. I don’t know if I am going to be a good teacher, but I like teaching, so we’ll see. The good thing about a teaching job are the holidays! ... ¼ of a year I will be off... so I can go to Holland then and start my own pub over there!
Anyway, I need to stay a student as long as I can, and postpone the pondering part. The latest pie chart I looked at was my pizza and my pint was a bar chart. In other words, no uni work anymore, no study, no lectures... just BBQ’s, pizzas, parties and non-alcoholic booze (can’t promote alcohol ;) )... LETS GET IT STARTED!

Wait a minute – I don’t like learning, but I want to be a teacher? I Need to sort out my life!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Exams are just like Keith Lemon
People are always soo stressed about their exams, but I am not really. Maybe I am too laidback, but I haven’t start revising yet, even though my exam is next Monday. I believe that the exams should reflect what you have learned throughout the year. In other words, you just repeat what you have learned. It is like Keith Lemon. He is really funny, but keeps repeating his jokes. The information you need to know for your exam seems really tuff, but at the end you just keep repeating the information you have learned previously.
Monday is my last day at uni and I will bring a bottle of champagne to celebrate it. Obviously, I won’t drink it during my exam, but once I’ve finished it will be ‘whoop whoop!’ time. I just need to attend a three hour exam and that is it. Oh, and I need to pass the exam, but I am not really worried about that little detail. I am not really looking forward to finish uni, because then I need to become mature and I don’t want to be adult-ish!
I applied for a lot of jobs the last few weeks. To be specific, I sent 67 application forms and cv’s to companies all over the world. I have a applied for jobs in Las Vegas, The Netherlands, Sweden, Oxford, Canada, Australia and many many more, but nobody wants meL... yet.  Suggestions are welcome J
I even applied for being on the new Big Brother show... I hate Big Brother though. However, you get free food, play games, meet new people, don’t pay rent and can win a cash prize, so it sounds kinda like heaven! In addition to that, I applied to become a teacher, but I need to attend an interview for that soo... whelp!!! If this all won’t work out, I might go and travel a bit. I would love to explore the world, but it is quite expensive. I like Norway, but I don’t speak Norway-ish... In other words, I have no idea what I need to do after my study. I do know that I am good in joking around and being sarcastic, but it is hard to get a job where I can use those skills. However.... I applied for a comedy contest! I am going to do 10 minutes of stand up and I can win my own show! Probably won’t though :P

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Sex, drugs and rock and roll!

Finally! My dissertation has been submitted and it is not as bad as expected! I might even be kinda proud of it... anyway now it’s time for sex, drugs and rock and roll! However, I don’t have a girlfriend, neither do I take drugs. Besides that, I don’t really like rock and roll.
Let’s call it... Love, beer and pop music!
You probably won’t be aware, but this Friday the royal couple is going to get married... and I am going to attend their wedding! You might wonder why I want to go there, because it will be very crowded, but I just want to get an impression of what my future wedding will be like. To celebrate their wedding I am going to ‘booze up’ and order a ‘chicken royal’ at Burger King.... its going to be amazing!!
Oh and something completely different... I have grown a dissertational beard! This is a recommendation for all men who believe they are busy, or want others to think they are busy... just grow your beard! I have done it, so people were aware of the fact that I was dedicated to my project. Even my dissertation supervisor asked me why I was growing a beard and I told her that it was because of my dissertation. Now she knows that I am dedicated, I might even get a higher grade... (pretty clever, if I may say so)...
Anyway, besides one exam I have finished university and started my summer holiday... FOREVER! Because I finished uni, I can just sit in the park until the moon shines! Ehmm,, maybe not. I need to look for a job, or another course to study... or travel to Canada, Australia, America or any other country.... but until then... please don’t stop the music!!!

PS.... Even though I came across the advert below over the internet I still wrote the dissertation by myself, because the alternative option is not allowed.

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Tic Toc, it’s late ‘o clock

It is Easter Holiday! YES!!! Meaning the deadline for my dissertation is getting near! WHELP!!!! I have 9 days left to finish my dissertation, but I don’t think that will be enough. Even though, my dissertation is 48 pages long, I think I need another 30 pages to finish it entirely. The worst thing is not the writing part, but finding the information and analysing it. I can talk for ages in real life and on paper, but the problem is that it won’t make sense! Luckily, I have some of the information lying next to me, because with the help of many student ambassadors I have collected over a 100 surveys. However, this information needs to be analysed and that aint fun! Besides that, I need to use the theory to discuss the outcomes. It is a hard job, and I need to stay focussed. I have stocked up my room with energy drinks, but I still believe that I was not born to dissertate!
I have so much to tell you, but I don’t really have time to do so. I nearly did not visit my dad on his birthday,  because I am sooo busy!.... and I nearly missed my flight. This won’t sound smart, but firstly I booked a flight from Holland to London and back... which is the wrong way around. Secondly, it was 1.30 am on the day of departure and I was so tired that I was planning to sleep for half an hour. It was a shock when I woke up at 5.05 am and realised my gate was closing at 6.30 am. I never ran that much in my life! I ran downstairs to catch the bus, got a cab at Stratford, jumped queues at the airport and got in the train towards gate 1 – 19. WAIT A MINUTE!? My gate was 85!!!! I WAS GOING TO THE WRONG SIDE OF THE AIRPORT! Luckily, a nice airport man helped me and I made the flight!....  I don’t know why, but I keep running late this month!...

Monday, 28 March 2011

A little blue walk

It is not the greatest way to start a blog, but yesterday I heard that my grandmother passed away last Friday. Even though, I only met her a couple of times when I were young and I don’t really know who she is I hope she may Rest In Peace...

Last Friday I was watching a Dutch fraud program online, but at the same time I was doing my coursework. Suddenly I heard a voice, which reminded me of lady and an event I organised 4 years ago. It was the ‘Pavement-day’ for the Dutch Make A Wish foundation. Over 900 children made pavement drawings and we raised nearly €2,000 for the charity. I switched the screens and started watching the program, instead of only listening to it. I kinda recognised her face, but she got a bit bolder and ehmm shorter? I went to my hotmail account and searched for her name.... there she was! The same lady, who was on TV, was the region contact for the Make A Wish Foundation 4 years ago. After 5 minutes, I realised that she has stolen over 1.5 million euro’s from several charities and that she started scamming people in 2007... WHEN MY EVENT TOOK PLACE! I emailed the charity and I am still waiting for a response, because maybe I too have been scammed for nearly €2,000... (to be continued)

Besides this tatty situation, I had nearly been scammed last week (again). I was selling my blackberry on amazon (because my thumb is too thick, so when I try to press a key I use half the keyboard...) and I got an email from a certain person who wanted to see a picture of my blackberry. After sending it, I got an email saying ‘Person X paid for your item, but the payment has been put on hold until you send it...’. I was like ‘wtf to Africa? I thought I only send stuff to UK mainland otherwise it is too expensive.’ After this I received another email, asking if I could provide a tracking number... and because that never happens I knew it was a scam. Because I hate ignoring emails, I sent an email back stating:

Dear Evra09,

Thank you for your order

Your Tracking Number is: GET LOST!

So it’s been a weird week which made wanna sing: I’m blue ba be deed a ba dai.... Besides this I am still busy with my coursework and already finished half of my dissertation (10,000 words). Oh and I am thinking about asking out a certain girl. The only thing is that I don’t like making ‘a little blue walk’  (Dutch expression, meaning she turns you down by saying ‘no’, ‘NO WAY’, just laughs or says ‘ahh youre sooo cute!’) 

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Go Go Gadget Party poppers!

It’s been a hectic time since the last time I wrote my blog. As you might have realised, our event took place last Friday and it was amazing. We had a lot of 90s decoration, games and we we’re planning to have 90s music as well... but the DJ got lost. This, plus the fact that our lecturer showed up 30 minutes before the event started, made me very nervous. I was dressed up as Ginger Spice, with a union jack dress, wig and massive stilettos (which btw REALLY HURT!). Luckily I had no time to paint my nails and put on make-up, because we were too busy with putting up the posters, but that is pretty hard on heels!
In total, over 100 people attended our event and we had loads of raffle prizes like wine, sweets and Ann Summer gift bags (don’t ask me why, or what was in it :P). It was a long day, but it was worth it, because we made over 650 pounds for the Barnardos charity and it was an incredible night!
Besides our event there were other events organised like a fashion show, golf day and an art gallery. I have not been to all of them, because I am a student and not every event has student friendly prices.... However I have been to the fashion show, which was my first fashion show ever! It was in central London and the ticket alone was 15 pounds. When I ordered a beer I got a half a pint they charged me a massive 7.50 POUNDS!! HALF A PINT!!!! It shocked me! But luckily there were a lot of ‘free’ cupcakes on the tables and at the end of the event I went around the tables to get them. I could not eat them all, so I put them in my pocket (runny icing on top.... whoops!). While I was doing that, one o the crew members started to take away the cupcakes. I walked over to him and told him to leave them, and he looked at me like I was crazy. He gave me one ... but I was like: ‘we paid for these, can you leave them on the table?’ He said that they were free, but how can they be free if the entrance fee was 15 pounds and the drinks were soo expensive? Btw.... I believed the glass was included as well  and their security was not that good :P
Anyway, it is dissertation time for me now... so lots to write and very little time to relax, so wish me luck!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011


It’s been a while ago, but here it is again.... a new blog. Sorry about the last ‘blog’  as far as you can call it a blog, because it looked more like spam... but I just wanted to tell you all how much I love you and how bad I want you to attend this amazing party!
Before I start, I need to show you my amazing fruit machine though. Amazing Charlotte requested a picture, because I was writing about it for a couple of weeks, so here it is :D and it works amazingly well (yes I like the word amazing).... It makes my room rock & roll and blimey, that machine is loud!  For the people who don’t like gambling: I am not advertising gambling... I only use free play ;)
Now, let’s talk about my life. It is a busy life at the moment. I am still a very active Ebayer and just bought 20 Human Resource Management books for only 27 pounds. The guy who sent is said that the boxed weight over 20 kilo’s, so I hope I am at home when it gets delivered. Otherwise I need to pick it up from the post office. Besides this, I bought loads of more stuff to sell online and I am now even thinking about buying 4,500 Pokémon cards to sell per 100 and make a nice 50 pounds profit... yes I know, it is me...  the little business man.
Unfortunately, this is not the most important thing in my life at the moment. My dissertation requires a lot of work, but I can’t be bothered to write it if I am being fair. The event, however, is going to be amazing... Do you remember I told you that I was planning to dress up as Sonic... Unfortunately, that costume looked a bit crappy, so I decided to dress up as Edward Scissorhands. When I received that costume I seemed to have received an extra small instead of an extra large, because the T-shirt really looked like a girly top.... SO now I decided to dress up as .... yeah ehm I might need to explain why. People said that they we’re more likely to show up when I dress up as this idol. Firstly I was like... PARDON!? But, because it is for my degree, I am willing to give it a bit extra,,, so I will be dressing up as Geri Halliwell.... wish me luck! I have never been a Spice Girl before.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Come to our Fancy Dress!!

Hello fellow students!

We (Events Management students) would like to announce that the tickets for the I
90's- the time travel machine are available NOW!

The tickets are only
£5 (£7 on the doors) and EVERYONE gets a FREE shot!

Where: Admiral Hardy - Greenwich
When: Friday 11 March
Feel free to invite all your friends- the more of us the merrier! You will not only support the charity Barnardo's, but also have the opportunity to play with 90's games, 90's karaoke, dress up and have fun with your friends!!!

get yours by calling one of the ticket agents:

* Christina- XXXXX XXX XXX

Don't miss your chance to dress up and have fun!

For more information go to our events page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/I-love-the-90s-the-time-travel-machine/146543432066942

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Baggy Jeans!

It has been a long time, but I did not forget you! First of all Happy Valentine’s Day! Even though, I was a bit disappointed that none of my blog readers has sent me a gift. 

Anyway, you might remember that I love Ebay. I already bought 216 magnetic balls (so much fun!), a magnetic dartboard, Pokémon cards... And last Friday, my own fruit machine arrived! It is a massive 150 kilo’s so I needed the help of my housemate to carry it upstairs. I was trying to push it upstairs, while he was trying to balance it and pull it upstairs. It was extremely heavy and we did one step at the time, but the last 7 steps where in a corner, so we had to carry the machine 6 steps at once! Eventually, we carried it up stairs, but left an incredible amount of black marks on the wall... whoops! My next issue was the money, because I needed to have pound coins. I had an amazing idea and went to the oyster card top up machine. Every time I pressed that I wanted to top up with 5p, I paid with 20 pound notes, so got a lot of change. It was so heavy that my jeans changed into those baggy ones :P ... The guy next to machine did not really like the noise of me getting all the change. How I knew? ... ‘Bloody foreigners’ was a clue :P .... 

Oh and I am doing a lot of coursework nowadays. My surveys are sent out to higher education fairs, so they could arrive at your school or college as well. If you see my survey, please fill it in as I need around 500 surveys for my research project.  Besides that, I ordered my Sonic the Hedge Hog costume and Pokémon cards, which we are going to use for the ‘I love the 90’s’ event!

Ohhh and this Saturday I am going to be part of a new TV show (pilot) called ‘Walk the Line’. Apparently the game is about jumping queues (cashiers say I’m good at that: D) and answering questions.... we could even win a 1,000 pounds (yeah!!).... and meet Paddy McGuiness (yawn)... 

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wanna play with my troll doll?

You probably expect me to write lots, because it has been two weeks since I uploaded my last blog. Unfortunately, not a lot has happened. I worked at a ‘what’s behind the wall’ event where 40 Year-10 students had a kind of Uni-Taster-Day. I gave them a tour and I think they liked the uni, even though I told them about the haunted tours during Halloweeeeeen.

BTW if you expected my blog to be dirty, because of my title, you have a dirty mind!... Anyway, I need your help! Do you remember those troll dolls from the 90’s. If so, do you have some spares which you want to donate? I am looking for 200 troll dolls for the ‘I love the 90’s’ event and if you can send/give me 15 troll dolls or more :D I give you a free ticket for our event PLUS a shot! That’s a pretty good deal if I may say so J

It is my parents anniversary this weekend, so I am going back to Holland on Friday morning. I leave my house at 3am and hope to arrive around 9 :D . I hate flying though, but it is quick and really cheap, so I need to... My sister and I (Yes I do have a sister) ordered a.... wait a minute! I can’t tell you that yet, because my parents will read this blog as well. Let’s say it is going to be a ‘stretchingly’ good weekend full of champagne and other ‘non’ alcoholic drinks! And no... I will not go to Amsterdam, because I am only going for 2.5 days, but that does not mean, that I can’t show you a nice and stereotypical sign from Amsterdam in this blog ;)
Oh and I have got a new passion! Yes, I know I need to start my dissertation, but EBAY is so cool! I am now bidding on fruit machine (I know, I am not allowed to advertise gambling, so let’s pretend that these machines make fruit or so...) and I am still the lead bidder for only 1 pound. The only disadvantage is that the machine is pink and I need to pick it up from Colchester if I win and #1 I don’t have a van and #2 I have never driven in England before... anyway, I will have much more to tell you about next time, so keep in touch J

Thursday, 20 January 2011

It’s water under the bridge

Goodbye old me, hello new me! As you know I am still on my boring low/no carb diet, but this Saturday and Sunday were my days of sin! My housemate had his birthday party so we went out and had loads of fun... everything went well and I want to emphasise that I did not nearly get into a fight, was not thrown out of a pub and did not ask the girl behind the bar out for a date.... Even better, she did not say ‘Im afraid, I already have a boyfriend’. Anyway, we were having fun and I gave my housemate 19 chocolate bars for his birthday as a present, because they were only 30p a bar.... and I know he loves chocolate. To be fair, I bought them on my unhealthy Saturday and I was dying to eat a bit of chocolate myself. So if you wonder why I gave him such an odd number of chocolate bars... ssshhh ;)
Besides the change in eating habits, I even do a lot of coursework, which might be a first. My deadline is in April, but I already started my dissertation which needs to be between 9,000 and 11,000 words long, a pretty boring ehm big project. Oh and since a week I have a new sport as well... SQUASH! and I love it!!!
Yesterday, I was not in the office, because I worked at a Bridge Building Day. I went to St Catherin’s School at Bexleyheath and the girls were asked to build bridges made of only tape, straws and string... bought for literally millions of fake pounds. The ones with the least amount of money spent won a box of celebrations, but the bridge had to be at least one meter long to overcome the gap between the tables. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed building bridges, even more destroying them with the weights to test their strength. I even got a present from three of the girls, who taped their bridge together and wrote on the tape stuff like: ‘I love you’, ‘when are we going out’ and ‘xxxxxxx’ , which was a nice gesture... I think.
Oh really important fact is this link : http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=264531&id=146543432066942&saved#!/pages/I-love-the-90s-the-time-travel-machine/146543432066942?v=wall which gives you an insight of what kind of event we are going to organise. Bear in mind we are still improving the page ;)
Oh and one final comment. I am sorry, but I need to tell you this. Due to my work commitments, course work, upcoming event and dissertation, I only will be able to upload a blog every fortnight. I hope you keep reading my blogs J

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Dude, Where’s my car!?

Yeahhh, uni started again (sad face). It is just 4 more months and I don’t want to be adult-ish. I don’t want to be more mature than I am right now, because, honestly, what is the point?! I want to go out until sunrise, sit in the park and be lazy... which I did last time. On Tuesday, I did the most useless thing ever. I went to the park on my own, sat on a hill and enjoyed the view of London. Sounds sad, but not when you are a student, only when you are an adult, who is serious and boring. I just wanted to feel like an adult for a sec, by feeling serious and boring. Luckily I will be a student for the next couple of months and besides the dissertation (which I already started (pat on the shoulder)) I am organising the Back to the 90’s event at Greenwich. Well, not only me of course, but 5 others as well. I am going to order a Sonic Hedge Hog suit and eat loads of dip dap J... If you want to join as well, you do not only sponsor the charity Barnardo’s, but have a reason to dress up as the Fresh Prince or a Power Ranger! I will share a link soon, where you can read more about this event. To be fair, it would be a great opportunity, to get to know the students and the life their living at this event.
But enough about uni, because that is not why you are reading this blog, is it! Last Monday, me and my friends were shopping in a shopping centre far, far away. We went by car and bought really nice food in Lewisham. We were at Sainsbury’s and they played such a nice song that I had my own little Flash Mob moment. You know, people who unexpectedly started dancing in the middle of a station or store. It felt a bit weird, but luckily my mate was joining, which made it look a bit ehm.... different.
When we went back to the car, at least that was what we were planning to do, we couldn’t find it. Apparently, we passed the wreck, but missed it, so we walked through the parking garage six times, before my mate shouted: ‘DUDE, WHERE’S MY CAR!?’... at the end we found it, but when we sat in the car, I remembered I forgot to buy the bacon... unfortunately, nobody wanted to join me buying bacon... seemingly too afraid to lose their car. again.

Thursday, 6 January 2011

It’s a pork!

It is going to be a weird, weird blog, but before I start I want to wish you an amazing 2011! I got back to Greenwich last Tuesday and I flew with Ryanair! And then something amazing happened! We had an internship pilot! Nobody told me that, but I figured it out when we arrived and bounced on the runway several times before we stayed on the ground. I was sleeping, but that certainly woke me up. The guy next to me even looked like he was going to die, but I suppose he thought we were,,, which explains his girly shout. Anyway, since then, I decided to go on a low carb diet! In other words, my diet contains very little carbohydrates and sugars. Yes, I know that beer contains a lot of carbs, but that is why this diet is called a low carb diet and not a no carb diet. Unfortunately, no more homemade pizza’s for me, but I can eat as much meat and veg as I want… which I don’t0!

Anyway, yesterday I gave a tour to a very nice couple from Bristol. It was a pleasure to show them around and unexpectedly they offered me a lunch! I was so not expecting that, but I just want to give a subtle hint by saying that this was very much appreciated! SO if you ever go on a tour yourself……

Anyway, because I went to Holland for two weeks and did not speak English, it needed a bit of practice to speak in the normal English way again. Instead of calling the meat pork, I said that I went to buy some piggy meat. My housemate took the p*ss and asked me where the piggy meat was coming from and I shamelessly said PORK DOH! HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN A PORK?! But then I thought about me buying beef and I knew for sure beef isn’t an animal … so whoops, welcome to England!

Ohh btw… I figured out that proud in Dutch is ‘trots’, but when I say in ‘I am trots’ it is … let’s say it means something different ;)