Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Ice Ice Baby

A week went by and I am feeling incredible. Christmas was amazing and I got lots of presents from Santa! I know that Christmas is all about giving and not about taking, so I gave a lot of… who am I kidding!?! I ate, drunk and partied loads! But, I must say that I did give presents to family and friends (I was told by Santa to do so).
With Christmas, we always cook our own food on the table with a ‘kind of grill’ and little pans underneath the grill. Everybody picks their own food and fry’s whatever they like. So you can make it as greasy and meaty as you want.  I even watched The Santa Clause 1, 2 & 3 and Home Alone 1, 2, 3 & 4. I sooo want to be Santa Claus at the moment, so that is why I am growing a beard again, but my mum says that it makes me looks scruffy… THAT IS THE LOOK I AIMED FOR!
Anyway, on Sunday I went to the local club and when I walked back home it was really icy on the roads. Just as I said the words ‘Oh boy, it looks really slippery, just be aware that you don’t f…’ I smacked my face into the snow! TRICE! Besides that, I had a crazy night and had a boozy time.
Anyway, it is really icy over here and I might go ice-skating tomorrow. I hate ice-skating, but my friends forced me… let’s say we need to spend some quality time. Oh, and I need to buy some clothes for my parents’ anniversary and ehmm… I looked through my stuff in my room and apparently I have 500 black balloons and 19 green XS shirts in a box underneath my bed, so if anybody is interested. I have no clue where I could use the balloons for, but the shirts… I suppose 4 XS sizes together is a XL as well :D

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Doctor Who

I started preparing for my trip to Holland on Friday night and even though I felt really dizzy and was coughing a lot, I went to Sainsbury’s to buy some mince pies for my family (cause they never had one). I bought myself loads of coke and red bull, so I would not fall of the stairs (again), due to the dizziness. I was so hoping that I could travel like the Doctor, but I definitely needed to go by bus, train and plane. I packed my bag full of clothes, mince pies, coke and red bull and went by bus to Stansted airport. Luckily, the flight was still going on and because I didn’t sleep during the night I had a nice 50 minute nap in the plane. When I walked to the train station in Eindhoven, I had to wait over 1 hour for the train…. I MISS LONDON! The trip took 12 hours and a bit, in total. Normally it takes 7 hours, so I was pretty tired. On top of that, the bus broke down, so we had to wait for another bus to show up ( in my village, the busses pass every 45 minutes!)
When I got home, I went to bed and slept over 18 hours. I felt really ill, so I went to the doc on Monday. I asked her: ‘what’s up doc?’… and she said that I had something with my lungs. I even had to go to the hospital to take pica’s of my lungs, but luckily, it’s just an infection. Anyway, I am feeling lots better now, and I am looking forward to my first pint :D … It is nearly Christmas, so I am going to the big city tonight (5 miles away) to buy some gifts. Oh and I am going to buy a lottery ticket, so I hope I’ll win the jackpot... ( chances that I win is 1 in 3,2 million!)

PS… I am thinking about writing a sitcom as they give away 5,000 pounds for the winning sitcom! I will talk to you about that later ;) MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

‘This is how we do it!’

Honestly, I am surprised that I could get up this morning at 6am, because it was a hell of a week (in a positive way)! Last Saturday, we had an office Christmas dinner and the atmosphere was amazing. I got Italian meatballs as a starter, but the rest of the food was a first timer. I had my first ever turkey Christmas dinner with cranberry sauce, my first ever Yorkshire pudding, my first ever amoretti cheesecake and a very nice home brewed beer or two J.
Ohhh, and I never had a Christmas cracker before. They are sooo amazing! But I did know that you didn’t have to eat it btw. Even though, the gift was a little ring, which was three sizes too small for my little finger, and the paper crown did only fit on my head if I tore it apart for a bit and it was pink as well, it was still massively enjoyable! Oh, oh, oh (that is what I say when I am enthusiastic) I got a gift from secret Santa as well, and I got a massive jug of sweets! (Thanks Miss Secret Santa Uzma) I have never seen so many sweets before. On top on that, I got another massive jug of sweets because of a twitter competition, which I did not really win, but still won? I have no idea either, but I just wanna say the sweets are nice! (Thanks Secret Enquiry Unit Santa)
Afterwards we went for a drink at O’Neil’s in Blackheath, but only the die-hards stayed until midnight. So this all took place just on a Friday, and on Saturday I decorated the house with Anthony (my housemate). We put up the Christmas tree, put the lights on and made the staircase bit into Santa! It looks so nice and Christmassy! And on Monday and Tuesday something amazing happened! I did a business presentation, and apparently the student life talks I did helped me, because I never got higher than 50 or 60% for an individual piece of work or presentation. However, now I got a massively 76% for my presentation!!! That was maybe because I took some flour in a bag and pretended it was cocaine, or because I made fun of my own presentation... anyway it WORKED!
Oh and on Tuesday I did something amazing as well... I ... honestly, it is not a lie ... I ... I cleaned the house! I cleaned not only my room, but cleaned the staircase and stuff like that! I never do that, but I thought that my housemates would appreciate it and Aimee was cooking a Christmas dinner for me, so I was like, yeahhhh let’s do it. She cooked the dinner, because we were planning to have a Christmas party. The whole house and some friends came together and with the 13 of us we had a great time. Once again I had nice and moist turkey, burned Yorkshire pudding, cranberry sauce and many Christmas crackers! Oh, and it was Tim’s (Aimee’s not boyfriend’s?) Birthday, so we sang a lot and he put his own face in a cake... oh and we had a food fight! So yeah, I never write blogs as long as this one, but I just had to tell you how amazing my week was. I am going to Holland on Saturday, but I will try to keep you up to date.
I wish you all an amazing holiday!

Thursday, 9 December 2010

I’m feeling dead(lines)!

Hi everyone, thanks for reading my blogs! I have heard that even people from Russia read my blogs so I just want to say: Как поживаешь? Which should mean something like ‘how are you?’, by the way, if it means something rude... haha sorry: P ... if you go to our (enquiry unit) face book account (click on the link next to this blog) you can ask me questions or tell me where you are from, and I will try to write in your language.
Anyway, it has been a very busy week, because besides making another 12 pizzas, I had two essays to hand in and a presentation to do. The essays were both approx 4,000 words so that was OK. But, because I was kinda lazy, I left one of the essays until the day before the deadline, so I had to write 4,000 words from scratch in a day,,,, which was of course very doable.
The presentation went OK. It was about an event we are going to organise next year in March, so if you wanna come ;) It is called ‘I love the 90’s’. Yes I know! You tried so hard to forget the 90’s, but are you sure you don’t want to play Sonic the Hedgehog games, sing-along with the spice girls, rap with the fresh prince of bell air or eat some amazing sherbet dip dab?! I will write blogs about it next year, to describe the process and of course to remind you to attend this event. We are planning to do some fancy dress as well, so the presentation I did, had to be fancy dressed... I wanted to go as Sonic. I ordered blue face paint and hairspray online, paid extra for speed delivery, made shoes of paper (yeah, I realised that snow and paper don’t mix properly) and got my housemates tight blue shirt to make it look slim fit. Anyway, to make a short story long, the delivery did not show up on Friday, neither on Saturday or Sunday, but came on Monday around 12, while my presentation was at 10.15... Handy! So I had to change my outfit and went as Pierce Brosnan (007). I wore a suit and because I do not really (maybe a bit) look like Pierce, I printed out James Bond his face, cut it out, put it on a stick and tadaa! I WAS 007! (on a scooter, because that was 90’s as well)!!
Oh and I nearly forgot to mention, I went to a pantomime last Saturday and it was my first panto ever. The Pantomime of Cinderella! I know it sounds a bit wimpy, and when I walked in there were many, many kids. But first of all it was a gift, which is a nice gesture, but second of all, because it was amazing! It was the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages! AND I WANT TO GO AGAIN! (I wish I knew where my Cinderella is ;))

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Let’s talk about snow!

Let’s talk about snow!

Or shall we not?! Because everybody knows that there is a bit of snow around. And everybody knows that the buses are kinda sliding down the hill, which is fun though. Last night, I couldn’t fall asleep, so my housemate and I decided (at 2 am) that we wanted to go sledging down the hill. It was wicked! However, the road was a bit hard when I smacked my head into the ground. We were trying to skateboard on a child’s sledge down the hill, we were struggling in the beginning and nearly hit two cars (we had no lights on) but at the end it went pretty well. It is sooo nice to live in a ‘hill-ish’ place! :D

Anyway, I did do more stuff this week, besides playing in the snow in the dark. I did some coursework, wrote a blog, attended lectures, bladiebla blaaa... boring stuff.... and I MADE PIZZA! I It was my first time ever and it was marvellous!!!! It was sooo easy to make, but just a little detail (my kitchen looked like my garden,,,, completely white! Because of the flour). Anyway, the pizza was really nice and I think I made over 12 pizza’s.... I know it is a lot, but as it was homemade I suppose it is healthy plus.... is it cheap! I made BBQ chicken, pepperoni, margarita and ahhh I’ve got plenty dough left!

Little recipe?

2 cups of flour
½ cup of sugar
1 table spoon of dry active yeast
1 tea spoon of salt

mix this with a cup of water and tadaa! You’ve got the dough! Put s some tomato puree in a bowl, add a bit of sugar, salt, oil, garlic and water. Heat this and you’ve got your sauce :D
Life is so easy when you can make your own pizza!  Ps.: Pizza is healthy, isn’t it? Because there is water in it and...