Thursday, 25 November 2010

A masculine rainbow

Wow, what a week! I just got back from Holland and no! I did not eat the cake which makes you go la-la! But I did have a great time with my friends and family. We went to pubs, played poker, drunk a half a pint (that’s what Dutch do) and threw a dart in my mate’s hand. Besides this, nothing special happened. Oh, but I did watch Harry Potter! And whoop whoop! I loved the first part... Hermoine is pretty though! But of course, I went to the cinema for the story!

I got back ‘home’ (I am never sure if I call this home, or if I call home, home is that makes sense. That is why I call England home and the Netherlands ‘home home’ ). Anyway I came to this place on Tuesday and I think I had a jetlag. Those 45 minutes of flying made me fall asleep, spit a bit on myself, and made myself go to bed early that same evening. The next day was a day of hard work, because I worked on a UCAS event on Wednesday. It was an amazing day though, with a lot of fun and goodies. I worked with a lot of nice people and I met Laura and Laura, both of the girls were fun, pretty and a bit crazy :P ... but as Barney Stinson of How I Met Your Mother always says: The hotter a girl is, the more craziness is allowed!  
Anyway, it was an amazing crazy day. And I even got a free USB stick and a painting! The painting is so colourful, but male-ish that I must say that it looks like the most masculine rainbow I have ever seen. Free decoration is the best thing ever, this means that I can spend that money (which otherwise would be spend on decoration) on non alcoholic booze!)
PS.: It is nearly Christmas! And I just found out that I need to buy a gift for someone who ehm,,, let’s say the boss of the gifts :P ... any suggestions?

Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Whoop, whoop! I am writing to you from Holland, as I am on a kind of ‘Illegal and unofficial holiday’. I am here, because it is my mom’s birthday and I didn’t want to miss it trice in a row. I missed it last year and the year before, because I had to do uni work. However, I decided that it was time to visit my family, to get some free food and to do utterly nothing! Some people ask me questions like: ‘are you looking forward to go home for a couple of days?’ The only response I can give them is: ‘Dohh they’ve got money!’ And you have read in the previous blogs how poor I am, so I suppose you understand where I am coming from.

It is freezing here though, just like it is in England. Oh and a nice detail, my parents bought a new car, which is a Peugeot convertible blablabla… You might kinda know me already, if you have been following me, and if you did… you may guess what I have done. Yes I know it was freezing, chilly, nippy or whichever word you want to chose, but I just wanted to drive roofless… so I did! Oh my Good Fellow Pizza! It was sooooo cold, but cool though. I must say that some girls where starring at me ….. no that’s not really true. It is not a busy village, and we have more cows than people, so not much response from girls, neither from cows.

Anyway, I love being back for a couple of days, because I can eat Dutch food, but unfortunately drink Dutch Beers as well. Dutch beers are tasty, but the thing is that they only do half a pints and a massive foamy head. I prefer the English pints and I must admit that I am kinda missing you in London (Im talking to the beer).

Talking about London. My housemate Aimee brought a scooter home, and that was amazing. Firstly, I jumped of the steps in my kitchen and dining room with the scooter, and that was amazing! After that, I decided to go to uni and as I live in a hill-ish place, I decided to take to scooter to uni. OH MY $^&*() those hills are steeeep!!! I believe that I was really lucky that I didn’t fall into the bushes, but I was going fast!!! It was wicked!

Anyway, I speak to you next week ;)

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Poppy loss

Oh, I understand why there are mean and ‘unnice’ people on this planet, because it is hard to be nice. I tried being nice, four times this week, and it is not really working. As you might have noticed, it is poppy time again, so I decided to buy my first poppy ever! I put it on and within an hour, I had been hustled! My poppy was gone, so it might have fallen off, but I am not really sure. This is because I bought three more poppies and I kept losing them!!! I JUST WANT A POPPY TO STAY ON! (if that makes sense)
Anyway, a really nice opportunity rose last week. I was asked to work for an AIDS and HIV conference on Monday and Tuesday. The director of the UK consortium on Aids and HIV support called me with the question: ‘what would you say about doing some volunteer work on the Aids and HIV conference this week?’ I said that I was ‘positive’ about that, which might have been the wrong word to use. It made the conversation go quiet for a few seconds, but I managed to get there on Monday and Tuesday and I even met Stephen O’Bryan. Who is Stephy O? He, my dear readers, is the cause of yesterdays ravage at and within the Mill Bank tower (remember my picture?). No sorry, I am not being fair. Stephen O’Bryan might be the minister of Education, but he is not the cause of the troubles. He is a nice man, and I bet that if you dress him up as Santa, you will consider him being the real one.
Anyway, what a busy week, so much to do and so little time! During the weekend I was working at the Top Gear event at Earl’s court as well and the cars were amazing. Personally I’m more a pick-up truck kind of a guy and don’t like the low, fast cars, because I always think I can’t get out of those cars... and that was true,. It was a hell, trying to get out of a Lamborghini, but fair enough... it looks amazing!

PS.: Note to myself, Sam just promised me that he will buy me a burger when I turn 35. And as this stays on the internet forever, I will not forget that! Btw, it is a bit silly though, I don’t think he heard about inflation, because a burger would be far more expensive in about 14 years than it is at the moment!

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The ‘Lord Alan Sugar’ part of my life (luxury-wise)

People often say that university is all about books, essays, lectures and other boring stuff, but they always forget to mention school trips. Last Monday, I got the day off at university and we went to the Mill Bank Tower in central London. We went there to get a tour inside and around their venues, so I was like how much does it cost to rent a room like this for a day. Answer: TWENTY BEEP THOUSAND POUNDS... I was like: ‘dude! Do you know how many cans of tomato crème soup you can buy at Lidle for that amount of money!?’ So I was wondering if they did a student discount, but they did not offer that. I was like ‘ahhh why not’? But that didn’t help. The view was amazing though (29th floor) J

Tuesday was the day that I needed to give a business presentation. It was for the course Enterprise in Events and it counts for 20% towards my final grade, so I was like: Let’s talk about drugs!...
... and the bad side effects of it. Not meaning the headaches, trips and sweaty armpits. I am talking about the 4,000,000,000 pounds the government puts into the fight against drugs. To cheer up the sad message of my presentation I had a bit of flour in a transparent sachet and pretended it was coc*ine. Afterwards I was not sure if my business presentation was businessy enough though, but who cares, I had fun!
Oh oh oh oh btw, I am so enthusiastic! I am going to work for the Times Newspapers on the MPH Top Gear event at Earls Court this Saturday and Sunday! I have no idea what I need to do, or where exactly I need to be (but I have sat nav on my phone ‘whiehoe!’)... but I will definitely sit in the most expensive cars in the world. And if there is a little moment of people not watching me, I might silently turn on the engine of the kinda not so silent Ferrari and drive back home. Oh and the trio of Top Gear will be there as well, so I might challenge them for a race!