Wednesday, 29 September 2010

To do or not to do, that is the question.

When people meet you, your first impression is essential! There is no second first impression or no romantic love at second sight. I know that when people meet me, their first impression is that I am too laid back, too loud and absolutely not organised. Unfortunately, this is as true as a polygraph. Nevertheless, I have a to-do list and a list with the top three things I do not want to experience during my life.
Number three of my things-I-do-not-want-to-experience-list is the classic standing naked in front of a classroom. Unless it is contributes something to the outcome (that is what great actors say anyway).  My second thing I do not want to experience is scampi! My body shivers when I think about them! The first place is not taken by something material, but by a feeling. I rather have a feeling of regret than a feeling of ‘why did I not try/do that?’ My slogan is: Better sorry than safe!
Regarding this top 3 and especially number one, I made a little to-do list. This list is growing week by week and includes everything I want to do before I die. Some might seem ridiculous, but it works for me. One of the things I did was stand-up comedy on an open mic night. Not because I wanted to do this, but I just wanted to try! The same is with X factor. I know I am not the best singer, but I just wanted to do audition, so I could say that I tried. What I want to say is, don’t be afraid to do what you want to do, even when other people say it is ridiculous. Everybody should have a to-do list and if you do not know what to write on your to-do list, write on it that you want to make a to-do list and tick that box! This all led to last Friday, when I have added a new subject which is ‘to grow a goatee!’ Yes I know, it does not have to do anything with university, but it does introduce the mature stage of my student life! Imagine my avatar with a goatee! How nice is that?! Anyway it is time for some real information!
Now the Fresher’s week is over, university life is starting again. I had my first lecture last Monday starting at 1pm. I know that it is early and even though the whole campus was taken over by pirates, I managed to get in on time. You might think ‘Pirates?’ ‘What The Flower?’ Yeah, Johnny Depp and his co-pirates are shooting the 4th chapter of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is a weird feeling though, when you are paying attention to the things being said in the lectures, and at the background you hear ‘I've had it! I've had it with wobbly-legged, rum-soaked PIRATES!’.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Empire State Of Mind

I do remember my promise of last week to write about my current job(s), but this week is Fresher’s week and because this is the beginning of the year, I think I am allowed to break a few promises. Besides that, I know I am meant to be talking about the Fresher’s week, because that is what this whole week is all about. You don’t hear, see or smell anything else than Fresh, and smelling fresh is not common while being a student... No, just kidding (or like they say on face book ‘jk’, which I thought meant ‘joke’, but the trendsetters told me it means ‘just kidding’ ).  I can only speak for myself, but I won’t. Students do smell fresh, because that’s what the birds like (Jay Cartwright of the Inbetweeners). 
Being a Fresher means that you are a new student at the university, so I assume you want to hear about the parties, poker nights, student societies, student unions, booz and pranks... But not everybody is a party animal like me. Besides that, many other blogs will say things about these massive events organised by the university and their students, so that is why I am going to discuss a different side of me, and a different side of life. I am currently in the process of learning what the adult version of me likes to do, but I have learned that ...
Yeaaaaah there we go!!! WOEHOE, *is playing AIRGUITAR!* Sorry I am a bit distracted, because while I am writing this blog in the Dome at Avery Hill, somebody turned on his radio playing ‘Don’t stop me now’ by good old Queen. This is Fresher’s week and while the presidents are promoting their societies, I am singing along and it can be possible that my blog won’t make sense, but now you know why. The only thing I miss is a pint of Stella – ‘ella – ella eeh eeh eeh under my umbrella’.
I reached the end of my blog again and I know that you didn’t get the information you were expecting, but I promise you that next week will be more informative! With Michael Jackson as background music, I can say that being a student is wicked!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

I Did It My Way

Dear readers and people who are just starring at my blog. I don’t know, if you read my first blog, but if you didn’t, good job! As this blog is more important and introducing the most ‘different’ week of my life, so far. Starting with last night, 0:28 AM, I just got delivered a pizza, chicken wings and a coke, not because I was hungry, but just because I was able to buy it. I was so happy with the money I got for the work* I did, that I nearly forgot not to spend it all at once. Luckily, I was able to recover and not be in the same situation as I was in last weekend, which will always remind me of how it is to be a poor student, as I survived the whole weekend with 71 p(ENCE) not p(OUNDS).

You are probably wondering how I survived the weekend, note it is a student weekend (meaning it is around 3 days), without any legal ways to get food or drinks. Yes indeed, there are no legal ways to survive, besides ‘borrowing stuff from my house mate’s cabinets’ which I might have been doing.

So the good news was the money, I was so happy that I went to Sainsbury’s earlier that day to buy food and drinks. I really like pizza, coke and the usual bloke-ish stuff. So there I was, me and my trolley against the store! And I bought...

Gin (which I don’t like)
Tonic (blegh!)
Weird kind of healthy, spicy lemonade (whatever)
Lettuce (I hate grass-related food)
Tomatoes (or for the Americans tomatoes, but I don’t like them either way)
Seafood (I like fish fingers or salmon, but I bought tuna)
and dry unroasted unsalted ‘untasty’ peanuts....

So no pizza, chips, or other great food and I only realised this when I came home. I don’t know what happened in the shop, but I can genuinely say that I was surprised what type of groceries I brought home. Nevertheless, I cooked some amazing healthy meals and noticed that I am changing into a healthy student! HELP!

*(I will tell you more my work in my next blog)

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Student Antics

Being a student, can reflect an image of being poor, stressed and stuck to your coursework. Fortunately, this is not strictly true. Okay, being poor is one of the things many students struggle with, but students like us are still rich, because of other things *is going to use an academic way of saying ‘like’* such as meeting people, trying food from different cultures and countries, having a laugh, going out or fancy dress parties are just a few of the many key aspects of a life of a student in 2010.

Talking about being a student in 2010... I have lived in student halls for two years, which was a great experience. I met many different people and don’t tell my parents, but once in a while, we did have a massive party! My last party was the weirdest one ever, because a couple of my Dutch friends came over to celebrate their holiday, and even though I did not have a holiday, I couldn’t let my friends party on their own in the middle of dodgy London, could I? To be fair, ‘London ain’t dodgy’. If you have been in my village in the Netherlands. Everybody knows each other and everybody knows what the other does; the village is so small that it scares me! Anywayss I was talking big about the party we had. First we did some drinking games *if you are under 18 and you read this, I just want to make sure that we drank Robinsons and NO Alcohol!* One of the games was too hard for one of our party-members that he wanted to get into a fight, so he jumped up and started to run to me, bounced against my chest, fell backwards on the ground and the only thing we heard was him... snoring! We dragged him into bed, put a note on the door and went out to have fun, as that is what real friends do!